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  • How To Maintain Proper Foot Care Video

    28 October 2014

    Bunions and hammer toes are the bread and butter of a podiatrist. Pes Cavus is caused by muscle imbalances in the lower leg and foot that draws the front of the foot, or sometimes draws the heel downward, making the arch higher than normal. Foot pain,...

  • Depth Report

    04 November 2014

    Diabetics often suffer foot and leg pain as a result of complications that are associated with the diabetes. The human foot is capable to adjust to irregular ground, in an extensive range of conditions. A detailed foot pain diagnosis is required if you...

  • Can Working On Your Computer Cause

    09 November 2014

    Last night I was sat grating the hard skin off my feet (as you do!) and my bf was mocking me, and totally grossed out by it. Make sure you pamper your feet properly and provide a good care in order to get smooth and healthy feet. Dry, cracked feet are...

  • What Are Heel Fissures And How Can I Treat Them?

    11 November 2014

    Hard skin on your feet can be ugly and embarrassing. After a while it will probably start to hurt and ache. You can retrieve the article in plain text form, and set the column width to whatever you like automatically; or you can copy it as HTML, ready...

  • Ugg Boots

    18 November 2014

    A foot pain is a common syndrome among the individuals and it can be acute in few cases if left unattended. Psoriatic arthritis can cause pain and swelling beyond the joints. Yes it takes spectacular efforts and extraordinary energy to become a successful...

  • Achilles Tendinitis The Facts

    16 December 2014

    Overview Achilles tendinitis occurs when the band of tissue that connects the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to the heel bone, the Achilles tendon, becomes inflamed. This condition is a result of overuse from intense exercise, jumping, running,...

  • Symptoms Of Cracked Heels

    31 December 2014

    Pain across the bottom of the foot at any point between the heel and the ball of the foot is often referred to as "arch painâ Although this description is non-specific, most arch pain is due to strain or inflammation Foot Hard Skin of the plantar fascia...

  • What Triggers Heel Pain To Surface

    08 January 2015

    Overview Your plantar fascia ligament helps the bones of your foot absorb gait-related shock. It also holds your toes firmly on the ground as your body passes over your foot. Plantar fasciosis can manifest in people who possess either flat feet or feet...

  • What May Cause Plantar Fasciitis To Flare Up

    12 January 2015

    Overview Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. It can be caused by inadequate or inappropriate footwear, weight gain, or a particular exercise or activity. It is common for plantar fasciitis symptoms to affect only one foot at a time....

  • What Triggers Heel Pain And Ways To Overcome It

    16 January 2015

    Overview The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band that runs the length of the sole of the foot. The plantar fascia helps maintain the complex arch system of the foot and plays a role in one's balance and the various phases of gait. Injury to this tissue,...

  • What Will Cause Heel Discomfort And Approaches To Get Rid Of It

    18 January 2015

    Overview Plantar fasciitis is a condition characterised by damage and inflammation to the plantar fascia (i.e. the connective tissue on the sole of the foot forming the inner arch. This usually occurs at the attachment of the plantar fascia to the heel...

  • Addressing Diabetic Foot

    06 February 2015

    Happich M, Breitscheidel L, Meisinger C: Cross-sectional analysis of adult diabetes type 1 and type 2 patients with diabetic microvascular complications from a German retrospective observational study. Hurley L, Kelly L, Garrow AP, Forsberg RC, Davignon...

  • Achilles Tendonitis The Facts

    04 March 2015

    Overview Achilles tendinitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles (uh-KIL-eez) tendon, the band of tissue that connects calf muscles at the back of the lower leg to your heel bone. Under too much stress, the tendon tightens and is forced to work too hard....

  • Common Foot Problems And Foot Solutions Assistance

    23 May 2014

  • How To Stop Heel Pain

    24 May 2014